Calle del Estanco del Aguardiente 38 # 5 – 92
Centro (Historic City Center)
Bolivar (State) — Colombia

if you use a Taxi App or a Maps App, it’s best to enter ‘SkyKitchen’ into the search bar instead of the actual address.

When using the street address be aware that there are multiple ways to write it.
The name of the street is “Calle del Estanco del Aguardiente”. In Cartagena’s historic center all streets with names have also numbers. The same street is therefore also called “Calle 38”. Possible writings of our address are:

  • Calle del Estanco del Aguardiente 38 # 5 – 92
  • Calle del Estanco del Aguardiente # 5 – 92
  • Calle 38 # 5 – 92

Most taxi drivers and locals from Cartagena only know the historic streets by their names, but not by their street number.
On the contrary, websites like Google Maps or apps like Uber, EasyTaxi show the streets by their numbers, but not their name. 

How to find the entrance

The entrance is a green wooden gate with numbers 5 – 92 written on above it. It leads to an alleyway in between a blue house and a white building, both hosting restaurants.

On the left of the gate, ring the bell with the SkyKitchen logo on it. Keep ringing every 20 seconds as the intercom disconnects after 20 seconds and we cannot answer from inside anymore.

Location on maps: